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is dedicated to

Getting You Connected
. . . To Go Sailing!

The site currently uses the "Meetup" platform to take advantage of the underlying power of the worldwide social network.

This site,, is a companion site that is under development.

Its purpose is to provide additional information in a format not supported by the Meetup Platform.

Go Sailing! As we develop this information site, we hope that visitors to Got Wind and Water will be able to seamlessly move between the two sites.

Your patience is appreciated.

So how do you connect with other people to . . . just . . . go . . . sailing?

Hanging around a Yacht Club or Marina, 'Walking the docks', or marrying into a sailing family might work, but joining Got Wind and Water is a more simple solution.

In the future we hope to have some links to other pages on this site that explain the process of joining the group, browsing the events on the Calendar, and the various ways to RSVP for events.

It is not quite that easy. If you've never stepped foot on a sailboat, there is lots that you can do to prepare yourself and your crewmates for your first sailing experience.

We will help you with that here.

15 Feb. 2010
::: News Header is launched.

16 Feb. 2010
::: What's planned for tomorrow?
We hope to have links that integrate this information site with

17 Feb. 2010
::: And the next day?
By this point we hope to have figured out how to add pages to the info site.

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